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            Introduction to Qin Huangdao No.1 Senior High School

            Founded in 1929, Qin Huangdao No.1 Senior High School was honored one of the key senior high schools of He Bei Province. In 1978, she was identified among the first batch of equipment priority key senior high schools and in 2001, as the first batch of demonstration senior high schools. On July 18, 2010, filled with hope for the brilliant future, the school moved to the new site. The newly-built campus covers an area of 313 mu, with a building area of 120,000 square meters, and a total investment of nearly 400 million yuan. Our school enjoys excellent teaching facilities,and currently there are 3,200 enrolled students, 318 faculty members, 100% of whom have achieved bachelor degrees or above, and 76 of them have obtained master degrees, ranking among the front row of the province and top of the city. 10 Special Grade teachers and 45 backbone teachers at province and the city levels help to create an atmosphere for increasingly better education.

            Since its foundation, Qin Huangdao No.1 Senior High School has gone through a series of difficult situations but never cease its struggle and endeavors for its philosophy of education—to lay the foundation for a wonderful life of the students. With joint efforts, a large number of elite talents have been trained, fruitful and brilliant achievements have been obtained; dazzling titles of honor have been awarded. Our school has won the National Advanced Unit of Spiritual Civilization Construction, Advanced Unit of the Middle School Students' National Defense Education, Advanced Unit of Sports and Health, Provincial and Municipal Civilized Unit, Advanced Party Organization at the Basic Level, Advanced Unit of Ideological and Political Work …more than hundreds of honorary titles.          

            Leaders at all levels came to inspect and guide our work, including Li Lanqing, one of the former state leaders, Tian Jiyun and Zou Jiahua. Their inscriptions embody great hope for the school and inspire our teachers and students to move on to a more promising future.

               Our school has established excellent strategy to ensure comprehensive and harmonious development of No.1 Senior High School. In the meanwhile, it gradually formed a people - oriented scientific education conception and set five advanced level targets. Accordingly, our school creates a good educational learning atmosphere and accumulates high campus culture, exploring a new situation of school education and teaching project.

               Our school has attached great importance to teachers’ professional skills and ideological moral cultivation. Nowadays, our school has a number of outstanding teachers’ team and becomes a model in the same field. The school has hundreds of teachers who won awards such as “The Excellent Teacher” at national, provincial or municipal levels, “Labor Medal”, “Hebei Special Grade Teacher”, “National, Provincial, Municipal Backbone Teacher”, “Provincially Famous Teacher”, “Provincial and Municipal Labor Medal” “Morality Medal”, “Star in Teaching” etc.

               Our school implements “Quality Education” and pays more attention to cultivating students’ scientific and humanistic spirit, practice ability and innovation consciousness. Consequently, a great number of students come to the fore. Since 2000, our school’s Entrance Examination Enrollment rate reaches 100%. A great number of students have been admitted to the key universities. Moreover, our school has delivered 175 excellent students to Tsinghua University and Peking University. Furthermore, another large number of students have been admitted to United States, Canada, Britain, Australia, Hong Kong and other elite universities to study.


               Our school is presently the ‘Outstanding student base’ for Beijing University of Aeronautics And Astronautics, Nankai University, Harbin University of Industry, Beijing University of Science and Technology and Daliann Maritime University. In 2010, our school became one of the six schools which have the qualification for being admitted into Peking University in its independent enrollment by principal real-name recommendation. In 2011, we honorably became the base school for ‘New Century Leading Plan’ of Tsing Hua University, and this honor is owned by just five senior high schools in Hebei province.

               Our school continues to enrich our school content, and strengthen the cooperation with foreign countries. Now we are the base for picking up excellent students to study in Korea, the co-school of Japanese (China area) culture and education and GAC (Global Assessment Certificate) international course center.

               To face the future, Qin Huangdao No.1 Senior High School will fly toward a higher and further target, under the correct superior leadership and with the spirit of seeking truth, creation, pioneering, struggle and fight.


            Address: No.66 West Chang Jiang Road Development District Qinhuangdao City Hebei Province

            Post code: 066000

            Phone number: 0335-8529016

            Web-site address:  http//www.coecys.com

            E-mail address: E-mail:heqhdyz@163.com




            版權所有:河北省秦皇島市第一中學 2005 - 2020 / 電子信箱:qhdyzxxc@163.com
            學校地址:秦皇島市開發區長江西道66號 / 郵政編碼:066006 / 聯系電話:0335-8529016
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